Employment Law Compliance

Employment Law Compliance


This one day program is designed to equip participants with knowledge of the component parts of employment law and an appreciation of how employment law principles work in practice. In addition, candidates who successfully complete this program will develop an in-depth understanding of the statutory frameworks which regulate the employer/employee relationship and implement "best practice" human resource management.
Participants who successfully complete this program will:

  • Develop an understanding of the sources of and rationale behind Irish employment law
  • Explain the impact current legislation has on the key aspects of employment practice
  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the characteristics of a contract of employment, including statutory and EC law regulation of the employment relationship
  • Produce employment contracts such as Permanent, Fixed, Part-time etc.
  • Appreciate the role of law in regulating working conditions and promoting fairness, equality and best practice in the workplace
  • Demonstrate awareness of the practices and procedures relating to disciplinary matters
  • Appreciate the legal significance of HR policies and procedures, particularly in relation to disputes or legal action
  • Understand employees and employers rights e.g. sick leave, holiday entitlements, discipline, grievance, discipline, bullying etc.
  • Prepare for a NERA inspection

The specific learning outcomes are grouped into 7 units:

  1. The Regulatory Framework
  2. Contracts of Employment
  3. Discrimination
  4. Leave entitlements
  5. Dismissal and Redundancy
  6. Health & Safety at Work
  7. NERA Inspection