Grievance and Disciplinary

We recommend that all our clients incorporate a grievance and disciplinary procedure into their employment contracts. However it is not enough just to have these clauses put in place; organisations must be able to implement grievance and disciplinary procedures. Many organisations are unaware of the pit falls of getting it wrong. This course provides practical examples of how to implement and adhere to your company's grievance and disciplinary procedures as well as up to date legislation and legal requirements.


  • Candidates will recognise areas of significant risk in relation to handling disciplinary and grievance scenarios and purpose how to minimise that risk.
  • Participants will also be able to conduct structured investigation.
  • Candidates will understand the importance of note taking and record keeping in relation to evidencing compliance with legal aspects of disciplinary and grievance.
  • You will extensive knowledge of the stages in a grievance and disciplinary procedure.
  • Participants will also appreciate the importance of a speedy resolution of both grievance and disciplinary.


The aim of this course is to equip participants with the knowledge and skill to deal with grievance and disciplinary matters and confidentially conduct investigations on the matter in hand.

Learning outcomes:

Participants who successfully complete our grievance and disciplinary course will have the ability to comprehend the legal framework relating to discipline and grievance. Participants will have the knowledge to actively prepare, plan and manage a discipline or grievance investigation and, as a result seeing their organisation being ran more efficiently with structured systems of complains procedures in place for staff.