Paternity Leave For Ireland

Welcome news for fathers as Ireland have finally introduced Paternity Leave , this is under the Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016.

Below is a quick run down of this Act.


  • Active from the 1st September 2016;
  • Allows for two weeks leave for new Fathers;
  • Must be taken within the first 26 weeks of the childs birth;
  • If Paternity leave is not taken within the first 26 weeks after birth, the Father loses the leave inrespect of that child;
  • 4 weeks written notice must be given to the employer by the employee of his intention to take paternity leave;
  • Written notice must state a return date;
  • This is unpaid leave and any entitlements that an employee may be entitled too must be claimed from the social welfare.

For more information on Paternity Leave or other Leave entitlements that your employees may have, contact Athru Solutions .