Performance Management


This programme is highly interactive and practical; the trainers teach participants techniques to improve the ability to manage the performance of each team member. Candidates who successfully complete this programme will have gained the confidence to deal with challenging behaviour and performance related issues while getting the best from those who are performing well.

Aims: Participants who successfully complete this programme will:

  • Understand their role in managing the performance of their team.
  • Implement the key stages in the performance management process.
  • Use the performance management skills and techniques practice to create a development plan.
  • Identify and Review the challenges that face them within their specific team.
  • Implement the core elements of practical appraisal documentation.
  • Develop the key skills needed to run an appraisal interview with a range of people performing at different levels.
  • Be able to plan what to improve for each Team Member, generating a development plan

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this programme all managers and staff will have developed a clear understanding of the benefits and importance of effective performance management, all participants will have been provided with practical tools to develop their skills. Both the manager and the staff will have an understanding that the process of effective performance management is a two-way channel and by opening the channel of communication leads to a more structured system of work resulting in increased productivity.