Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection essentially comes down to one thing, finding the best candidate for the job. Athrú Solutions works with clients on this fundamental part of filling a job vacancy. The most suitable person for the job should be appointed, subject to standards of fairness and equality. At Athrú, we separate recruitment and selection into their respective and related stages.
How Athrú Solutions Help with the Recruitment Process

The first step to finding the right employee is the creation of a recruitment process. We work with organisations like yours who are seeking to fill a vacant or newly created position. Planning is the key word here.
Our consultants will liaise with you at the beginning of the recruitment process, outlining and ensuring you understand your objectives for the new employee. We advise on your legal responsibilities in recruiting a new employee, including equal opportunities.

We also offer the following services:

  • Understanding of gap analysis
  • Person specification
  • Composition of job descriptions
  • Creation of effective advertisement strategy
  • Development of a recruitment and selection policy

How we help with the Selection Process

Selection means choosing the right person. As with all human interactions, interviews are subject to a number of communication issues. We understand that selection of personnel can be hard. As part of the recruitment process, we assist you with setting guidelines for selecting staff.

We also help with:

  • Screening of applications
  • Planning interviews
  • Undertaking first round interviews
  • Sitting in on interviews
  • Observing and providing results on psychometric testing
  • Appointment administration