Recruitment Selection

The selection of the right candidates for a job is fundamental to the productivity and delivery of high quality services. Taking the time to implement a structured recruitment process and training hiring Managers in its use will ensure that organisations can estimate future needs by looking at the organisations plans and forecasts of future activity levels, overcome skills shortages, make successful placements where staff are more likely to stay and issues are less likely to occur.


This programme encompasses the 5 stages of the behavioural interviewing technique which enable organisations to employ the right person every time. Each participant will have a broad understanding of various recruitment techniques and how to get the best from them. It will help you become more efficient when recruiting, and ensuring that the person you recruit are the best fit for the job you need to fill.

Aims: Participants who successfully complete this programme will:

  • Appreciate the importance of selecting the right person for the job.
  • Analyses the competencies of each candidate and ensure that they are best pick for the job.
  • Conduct an effective interview using the 5 stages of the behavioural technique.
  • Explore a variety of questioning styles to achieve specific outcomes, including Open, Closed, Theoretical, Alternative/Options, and Reflective Questions.
  • Develop positive speech and body language techniques.
  • Discover behaviours to develop rapport.
  • Turning the reference check into a marketing opportunity.

Learning Outcomes:

The most significant learning outcome of this programme is the knowledge to put together an appropriate person specification comprising of well-written competencies. Candidates will also be able to identify the characteristics of effective advertisements which will attract the right candidates, comply with legislation and also add to the diversity of an organisation. Each candidate will leave this programme recognising that both a common and consistent mode of operation and application of recruitment skills will lead to an overall improved recruitment metrics which are both qualitative and quantitative.