The benefits to Irish employers of outsourcing employment law and health/safety compliance.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Employment Law and Health and Safety compliance?

Since the success of any business (irrespective of size) depends on its people, employment and health and safety law are hugely important functions of any organisation regardless of size. It is often said that employees are your biggest asset. But often they can, if not managed properly, end up being your largest overhead. Without proper policies and procedures in place work place accidents and unfair dismissals can prove costly for any business.

Employees are legally entitled to:
A contract of employment
Payment of wages and a payment slip are obligatory
Time and leave entitlements
Not be discriminated against
A safe workplace

Health and safety law places obligations on the employer to provide a safe place of work. Accidents and ill-health cost businesses money, in lost time, lost skills, insurance premium hikes, legal proceedings and claims. The benefits of effective health and safety management to small businesses are very significant. There is clear evidence that effective policies procedures along with health and safety management contributes directly to overall business success.

Finding time to understand and implement legislative requirements in addition to managing your business can be extremely challenging.

An effective and complete virtual human resource management partner can remove this burden by taking the hassle out of your company