Are you Employment Law compliant?

Employment law has become increasingly complex over the past number of years and there are over 30 pieces of major employment legislation in Ireland. The need for Companies to ensure compliance with legislation is greater than ever, as the level of claims, inspections and fines are increasing each year.


These significant increases in employment legislation, is posing major challenges for small to large employers.

It is your responsibility as a business owner to ensure your employees receive certain basic employment rights. Failure to comply is both costly and time consuming. The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) is able to impose on-the spot fines and can also publish the outcomes of cases of public interest and identify employers who have breached a labour law. Given the increased likelihood of a NERA Inspections, employment law compliance should now become a key priority for you.

Below are some of the following NERA will look for if you find your business under inspection:

  1. Contracts of Employment for any employee employed over 8 weeks
  2. Annual Leave Request (to ensure your employees are taking annual leave)
  3. Policies and Procedures
  4. Hours of Work for each Employee
  5. Bank Holiday Pay
  6. Hours of young workers
  7. Employment Handbooks


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