Team Building

This is a comprehensive one day programme which gives candidates the essential tools in building and managing a high performance team. The main aim of this programme is to equip candidates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to improve communication, quality and teamwork. This programme offers the key to successful teamwork, unity. Participants will study what the barriers to this unity are, why they occur and how they can be removed. The objective of the programme is to provide a full understanding of the principles of teamwork, how relationships work, and give practical course that will allow participants to engage fully in their relevant teams. The Belbin team role assessment and methodology will be used and assessed during the course of this programme.

Programme Objectives;

On successful completion of this course, participants will be equipped with a set of concepts and essential tools and techniques that can be applied to their respective teams immediately to beneficial effect:

  • Understand the principles of teamwork
  • Know how to play their part fully within the team
  • Belbin Team role Profiling
  • Have improved communication skills
  • Better understanding of their co-workers

Programme Content;

  • What distinguishes a group from a team?
  • The principles of team work
  • The qualities of a good team player
  • The effect of attitude on team dynamics
  • Growing strong team relationships
  • What part does service play
  • Effective open communication
  • Rules of team meetings
  • The different roles and responsibilities within a team
  • Resolving conflict
  • Addressing the diverse factors in a team
  • Practical exercises and directions